With Spring Comes Renewal & Change

Mar 30, 2023 | Events, Idea Creation, Renovations

Let us introduce Chloe to our guests. She’s just a puppy but is learning quickly to be an Inn greeter and all round entertainer of guests. Chloe helps Sister One with errands and keeps her busy with the training of a puppy. She’s a cockapoo so she will stay small and the added bonus is that she doesn’t shed. We hope you will come to love Chloe as much as Sister One does.

The Inn hasn’t gone around the sun once yet, as our birthday is June 17, but we are always looking for ways to enhance every stay for our guests. Our guests are now able to enjoy Afternoon High Tea in March and The Sisters are looking for ways to extend the service to our community. Both Sisters have had the amazing opportunity to have tea at the Empress in Victoria and at the Savoy in London. While we would love to reach the level of those esteemed establishments, we promise you will enjoy yourselves at the Inn as much.

We have the wonderful opportunity to partner with an amazing woman owned businesses centred on offering incredible in room spa services. Just wait until you meet Julie! She is passionate about taking extraordinary care of her clients which, as you know, is completely aligned to the Sisters’ philosophy. You can find Julie @supernaturalfacials on Instagram. We will have exclusive packages for our guests, so stay tuned.

More changes at the Inn are on the horizon … namely a reimagining of our Two Sisters Inn at the Stable and Two Sisters at Rocky Ridge. It’s going to be a lot of work, but we are really excited to bring you along on the journey. Watch here and on our social media feeds for updates.

Enjoy the Spring, know the mud brings new life, amaze yourself as little sprouts push their way up thru the soil, and listen in the morning to the wonder of bird songs. With Spring comes renewal and hope – for our Inn, for our Community and for our incredible guests.