Winter is long & dark in Grey Highlands: Wiarton Willy better be right!

Feb 18, 2024 | Events, Inn Ownership

We willing admit to anyone that asks. It has been a difficult winter season and it continues to be. Shoulder season has extended beyond what we expected. The weather, although snowy this weekend, has not been cooperative for our skiing friends. We have been fortunate to have our culinary tourism guests, who are enjoying the tastes of Grey Highlands.

When reservations are few and the days are dark (thank you January) The Sisters reflect on business decisions and the future. We love this little Inn, this little escape from the chaos of the city, this little respite from the mundane workplaces we all find ourselves in. We toss ideas up in the air. Do we move the business to a unique location? How about transforming our untraditional BnB model to something less “hands on”? Should we close the doors?

For now, we are snuggling in and embracing the winter quiet. We are hoping for an early spring (thanks Wiarton Willy and the rest of your gang) and dreaming of a busy summer. We sincerely appreciate our return guests and welcome them back with joy. They give us that boost we need when our spirits droop. They reassure us that this is a special place, unlike any other. The personal touches and the warm atmosphere, with just the right touch of privacy, are what brings them back over and over again. We are looking forward to inviting them thru the door again this year.

For our soon to be guests, you are the travellers who are searching for that special place where someone puts chocolate on your bedside table, puts local coffee and tea in your room within reach of your bed, rolls up your soft fluffy towels, and presses your bed linens.

Here, at Two Sisters Inn, the Sisters make it better than home … so much better.