Patience is a Virtue

Nov 27, 2021 | Inn Ownership, Renovations

With every project, there are hurdles. Some days it seems like ours has more than our fair share.  We are waiting for our structural engineer Daniel to put some “magic” engineering onto a drawing so that we can get our building permit, so that Lee can break out his sledgehammer.

While we wait for permission, Tamarisk, our talented designer, is making her own magic, creating a design aesthetic for the Inn that matches our beautiful logo and colour scheme. So many connections to so many things. There are more moving parts than we ever could have imagined. I think I said that before.

It’s not easy waiting for a fence to be quoted, let alone built. It seems like April 2022 will be a very busy month. Then there is the mud pit in our backyard that is to be transformed into parking spots for our guests. Spring here we come!

While we waited we took the opportunity to plant some trilliums, jack-in-the-pulpit, and anemone in our shady back garden. Those should bloom in the spring, along with the 200 bulbs that have yet to be delivered from the East Coast. I have to admit I was happy to read a post on Instagram that leaves are the best protection for plants—no raking for us this year!

Patience is quickly becoming a virtue for The Sisters.