Oh The Places You’ll Go, The People You Will Meet…

Sep 11, 2022 | Inn Ownership, Mindfulness

I met a gentleman this weekend, a lovely man with a twinkle in his eye. He is 90+ , has lived a life well lived He chatted with me over a cup of tea. He has been a soldier, a clerk, a husband, a father, a brother, and a grandfather. He has a soft Welsh accent and a host of stories. It was my honour to sit and listen, cherishing every story he shared.

I met a couple who have become friends. They celebrated their anniversary of meeting each other at our Inn. I met their son over FaceTime and I wept a tears over the story of losing their beloved Ozzy. They have shared their lives with me, stories of careers, aspirations and stories about their family. It is such an honour to peak thru the window of their lives.

I met a woman who loved to bake bread, a woman who sold her house, packed her car and moved her life West, a woman contemplating a career change and a host of others who have graced me with a glimpse into their lives. Their stories are full of strength, curiosity and courage.

When we, the Sisters, talk about the Inn we talk about the decor, the sheets, the food, and who is coming next. We don’t talk a lot about the people except to say “how lovely that couple was”, “how fun were they?”. I think it’s because our guests’ stories are like little jewels that have been sprinkled around our Inn, little gems that we collect and treasure. The most wonderful part of being an Innkeeper is finding a jewel or hearing a secret and I am looking forward to the next gem.