Is the Summer over already? I had plans.

Sep 21, 2023 | Inn Ownership, Mindfulness

I had a “To Do” list. There were so many plans and things to do at the Inn. Now summer has slipped away. We got a new deck thanks to our amazing handy man Norm, who also rejuvenated our barn with new siding. Those are big things, but what about the plan to have a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) with Lynn and Catherine over at Kimber Valley Farm? I helped Lauren from Red Hen Artisanale save her table and chairs, as her dock threatened to float away in the angry Saugeen river.

Maybe summer is not for planning and ticking off the “To Do” list. Maybe it’s for living. Hopefully it’s for thriving not surviving. My friend Robin asked me this question this week. I, sadly, answered that is felt like surviving.

Oh wait! I met a wonderful family from Huntsville this summer who have become friends and I met a lovely couple from Wasaga Beach who are meeting me for lunch in October. Reconnecting with a University friend that I haven’t spoken to in decades was certainly a highlight of the summer.

It seems I did accomplish wonderful things this summer. They weren’t the boxes I planned to tick on my to do list. I accomplished things that were much more special. They had to do with people: new people that have found a special place in my heart and people that always had a place in my heart, but the relationship rekindling.

Summer here at the Inn is crazy busy and I am looking forward to the calm that Fall brings. At times I did just survive rather than thrive. I needed reminding that in the chaos of turning over rooms and cooking breakfast wonderful people have come into my world. Now, I am off to plan that coffee with L&C.