Helloooo … We are Open

Jun 26, 2022 | Events, Inn Ownership

Our doors opened on the 15th of June and since the weekend before we have been going flat out. I feel tired, excited, overwhelmed – like I had a 4th child. I suspect Sister Two feels the same way. It’s scary, I will admit. Are people going to stay? When they stay are they going to like us? Will they get our vibe? Patience is a virtue. I think I said that in an earlier blog post. Now we wait and we thank our wonderful friends and family who have supported and encouraged us and continue to put their hands in between our shoulder blades so we don’t fall back. I know “it takes a village” is cliche and overused, but it does. Our village is small but it’s mighty and I have to trust that others see what we do. Our little Inn is a quiet place to relax and enjoy everything we chose from talented local artisans. Did I mention our front door, with the antique door bell, is wide open?